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Published May 19, 22
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Electric Gates & Electric Gate Repairs

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Electric Gates

Electric gate

Are electric gates dangerous? Are they safer than a manually operated gate? What kinds of gate automation are available? Which is better for your property? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of both. You'll learn about how to choose the right kind of gate for your needs. Plus, learn how to choose between a sliding gate and a swing gate. Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions. James Parker is an electric gate installation engineer from AutoGate Northern Ireland in Belfast. 

AutoGate Northern Ireland
110 Stockmans Ln, Belfast BT9 7JE

How to design your electric gates

When designing electric gates for your property, there are a few factors you should consider. These factors will add continuity to your property and provide artistic flair. The quality of the gate itself is another consideration. Ensure that the receiver hardware does not protrude into the opening. Listed below are the steps to design your electric gates:

Electric Gates Near Me

Safety of electric gates near me is a major concern when designing and installing electric gates. Automated gates are often subject to serious threats. For security reasons, gate operators can be used to control entry and exit. Automated gates also provide increased efficiency by minimizing the work required by staff. The gate itself should be sturdy enough to withstand the force of traffic. The operator should also be powerful enough to control traffic flow and stop the gate if a threat is detected.

What type of gate automation is available?

When it comes to installing automated electric gates, there are several different types to choose from. Fortunately, there are many options and styles available today. From simple to complex, there is a gate automation system to suit any need. Here are some tips to help you choose the best gate automation system for your needs. You should also consider the quality of the installation and the company you hire to install it. Listed below are some tips to help you choose the best automatic electric gate automation system for your needs.

Automatic gates are available with two types of motors. Linear screw motors are best for single-door applications and ram gate motors are best for large gates. Linear screw motors rotate the gate mounting along a threaded shaft. They have several different safety features, such as a back-up battery and limit switches for emergency releases. These electric gates are also suitable for large gates that need to be opened and closed multiple times a day.

Is a sliding gate better than a swing gate?

The major difference between a swing and an electric sliding gate is how they are automated. With swing gates, the gate operator must be able to move the gate smoothly on a track, which makes it harder for someone to get inside. Electric sliding gates, on the other hand, can be installed as a replacement for an existing swing gate. It is important to note that if the swing gate is in poor condition, contractors will discourage you from automating it.

A double-sided swing gate is more expensive than an electric sliding gate, but it will save you space and look attractive. If you have a narrow driveway, a sliding gate will make sense. It also allows for more parking space and is less likely to get damaged by wind. However, if you have a larger driveway, an electric sliding gate will work best. While it may not be the best choice for small spaces, an electric sliding gate is safe and secure, and it will keep your car out.

Electric Gate Repairs

Electric gate repairs

If your electric gate is not working properly, you need to call an electric gate repair service. It's important to have your automatic gate serviced annually to keep it running smoothly. These gates can be difficult to find, but you should be able to find one quickly by following these steps. You can also repair small parts yourself. In many cases, the problem is not as severe as it seems, and you can save money and time by doing so yourself.

How to find a good electric gate repair company

When your automatic gates stop working, you don't want to wait around for a company to come fix them. If your gates are not functioning, you'll need to spend more money on repairs than necessary. The best way to avoid paying unnecessary repair costs is to maintain your electric gates properly. Make sure you hire a company that is certified to work with electric gates. If you're in need of repair, you can also make an appointment to discuss the issue with the company.

There are many common problems that can affect your electric gates. Fortunately, there are companies out there that can handle any issue that arises. The most common problem is with the tracks. Over time, the tracks of your gates can become damaged or go off track. An electrician can inspect and repair any problem you might be experiencing with your electric gate. Whether your electric gate needs a new motor or a new opener, the repair company that works on your gates is an ideal choice.

Is your electric gate not working properly

The first thing to check if your gate is not working properly is its battery. If the battery is not functioning properly, it may be due to the malfunctioning of the gate opener. You may be able to check the battery by using the gate opener's intercom or exit button. The next step would be to check the battery's voltage and the cables connecting it to the gate. If these are fine, you can try the manual release mechanism.

If you do not have a power supply, you should check the limit nut lever on the shaft to make sure it is in the proper position. The gate mechanism may be the culprit, which needs to be replaced or fixed. If you cannot fix the problem, contact your supplier or hire a gate repair service. If you are unsure of the solution, here are some tips:

Automatic gates require annual maintenance

When considering how much automatic gate maintenance your automatic entrance system needs, you should keep in mind that a high-quality gate requires much less maintenance than a low-quality one. However, you should still check your gate regularly to prevent major problems at inopportune times. The easiest way to maintain your automatic gates is to hire a professional service provider. By hiring a professional service provider, you can be sure your gate is in top shape and will operate smoothly for years to come.

Preventative maintenance programs cover minor repairs and equipment adjustments. These programs reduce the likelihood of major gate overhauls or parts replacement in the future, saving you money in the long run. A preventative maintenance program can also save you a bundle on your electric gate expenses over the years. In addition to ensuring a safe, reliable gate system, regular maintenance programs can help prevent a number of common malfunctions. To learn more about the benefits of preventative maintenance, read on.

Call Adrian if you need electric gate repairs

If your automatic gate is malfunctioning, you can call a professional to make repairs. Electric gates are heavy and need regular maintenance to avoid further damage. The repair process involves checking the gate for any signs of damage or fraying. It is also necessary to test the safety features of your gate, such as photoelectric eyes and entrapment protection devices. Contact Adrian if you need electric gate repairs. It is important to have the gate inspected and serviced regularly to avoid further damage or costly replacement.

Who to call for electric gate repairs near me

You may be wondering who to call for electric gate repairs in your area. While it may seem simple enough, gate repairs require expert hands and a thorough diagnostic process to fix the problem. A reputed professional is the best choice for the job. It is always advisable to seek professional help for gate repairs at least every six months or so. After all, a broken electric gate can compromise the safety of your property.

If you need an electric rolling gate repair near me, you've come to the right place. AutoGate Northern Irelan provides same-day service, so you can get your automatic gate up and running again in no time. Leaving the issue unattended can cause more damage and cost you more money, and the safety of your property is at risk. If the entrance gate is not working properly, it can lead to serious injuries, even death.

Tandragee Automatic Gate

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While area is needed both sides of the electric gate to suit each leaf, only just over half the room needed for a single sliding gateway fallen leave is required on each side of the driveway entrance. Round-the-corner gliding gateways, Round-the-corner moving entrances are comprised of multiple vertical sections rested on both sides.

Where there is not enough space for a conventional moving entrance to open completely, these moving entrances permit eviction to adhere to the challenge instead than hit it. Round-the-corner sliding gateways certainly call for unique curved track and the price of the electrical gateways is greater than the comparable solid sliding entrance.

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Electric Gates near Me in Tandragee

Nevertheless, if room is at a premium, and also automated entrances are very preferred, there are gate automation choices for those happy to pay the extra cost for the included complexity. 4 Where Will Your Electric Gates Be Installed? If your driveway inclines upwards as you get in the residential property, swing gates will certainly ground themselves as they open up inwards onto the rising drive.

There has to be enough area on your property for them to open outwards without obstructing public pavements or the roadway. The choices here include special hinges that turn the electric gate upwards as they open. Conversely, driveway gates can be installed more than typical on their blog posts to ensure that they do not hit the driveway as they open.

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It additionally doesn't quit any person crawling under the electrical entrances to get onto your residential property (Automatic Gate Repair). You can have a gliding gate rather, yet it's also a bad concept to utilize moving entrances if your driveway slopes throughout its entrance. This suggests that the load on eviction motors modifications as the gate slides downhill or uphill.

If driveway entrances are mounted in subjected, windy locations, completely boarded (no spaces) electrical gates will certainly imitate sails in the wind. This can suggest that gateway electric motors have a hard time to move the gates against the resistance of the wind. They might see solid winds as barriers as well as withdraw, so the gateways never ever fully open or close.

Automatic Gate Near Me

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The viable alternatives an excellent entrance installer will come up with consist of opting for a sliding gateway instead. Swing entrances with rooms (open boarded), that will permit wind to pass through the spaces, can be set up.

What's Your House Like? Your driveway gateways are the very first point visitors and also anybody near your home are likely to see. Do you desire this first impact to enhance your house, garden and personality? Or do you want something that contrasts with everything else? Most individuals go for free of charge automatic gate styles but take a look at what you presently have as well as take down your home style is it modern or typical, normally English or with components from one more country? Are there strong colours or woodwork or metalwork components? View our aluminium entrance designs here.

Automatic Gate Near me Tandragee

All these could have a bearing on the driveway gates you pick. Do your neighbours have electric entrances and what designs have they selected? As different timbers, steels as well as plastics all provide themselves to differing swing gate and also gliding entrance construction techniques, each has a strong bearing on how the completed entrances will look.

Wood gates are additionally much a lot more most likely to be 'close-boarded' which implies that there are no voids. Iron and steel, Iron as well as steel are heavy but can be formed into complex shapes.

Are you looking for Automatic Gate in Tandragee?

Elaborate surfaces to the tops and faces of iron and steel gateways can give them a conventional and also occasionally unique look. Some individuals really feel that metal entrances are 'cooler' than wooden gateways.

Best Prices on Automatic Gate TandrageeAutomatic Gate From a Reliable and Professional Installer

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Aluminium gates have a surface area layer that provides them the wood-effect or coloured surface. This considerably contributes to the long life of aluminium gates and also several have warranties of several years. Some individuals will certainly constantly favor the real point and manage the maintenance demands. However if you like the look of timber or iron gates yet do not want the hassle of high upkeep, aluminium is the best alternative. Automatic Gates in Tandragee.

Best Deals on Automatic Gate

If you want your automatic entrances to enhance your property positively, PVC gates are most likely best stayed clear of. 6 Will Your Electric Gates Slide Or Swing Open? Gates been available in many layouts but also for driveway entrances there are two common arrangements. These are either sliding gates or turn entrances. Which do you choose? What are the benefits and also drawbacks or each sort of electric entrances? Sliding entrances are generally composed of one, bigger gate fallen leave that glides across the driveway entryway.

A solitary sliding entrance can be made to look like two swing gates. What Are The Differences In Operation? A sliding entrance is relocated along a track on wheels by an entrance motor with a toothed cog on its side. This fits together with a toothed shelf mounted along the length of sliding gate as well as relocates it when rotated - Electric Driveway Gates near me.

Need Automatic Gate Tandragee

The motors are mounted on the gateway columns or sunk underground listed below the joint factor. Below ground gate electric motors are fairly inefficient as the force put on each swing entrance is close to the hinge as opposed to at the opening side where a lot less force is required to relocate eviction - Electric Sliding Gates. Automatic Gate Repair.

Which Is faster? To open up completely, each swing gate moves a shorter distance than a gliding gate (Automatic Gate Repair) - Electric Gates in Tandragee. With a 4m void between pillars, a sliding gate relocates even more than 4m, while the opening side of each swing gate moves 3. 141m to open up to 90 levels. Despite the differences in movement type (gliding vs turning) and also gateway motor activity, turn entrances are somewhat quicker to open due to this.

Best Prices on Automatic Gate Tandragee

Gliding entrances cross stationary surface areas so have the potential to cause shearing and crushing injuries. Swing gates can cause pinching and crushing injuries at the joints, and impact and also squashing injuries as the automated gateways swing open - Automatic Gate Repair. Gliding gateways should not be mounted on inclines as they need even more pressure to press uphill and higher damaging pressure to quit them speeding up downhill.

A qualified entrance installer, that fully recognizes the one-of-a-kind safety needs of your gate utomation system, will create, assemble as well as set up the safest possible electrical gates. 7 If You Choose Swing Gates, What Entrance Motors Will You Choose?

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Hydraulic Ram Entrance Motors, Hydraulic rams push and pull a piston mounted to eviction. The gateway motor body is mounted to the pillar or post so that an extending piston opens the swing gateway and also a having piston shuts the gate. Threaded Shaft Gateway Motors, Threaded shaft entrance electric motors look really similar to hydraulic rams, however the swing gate installing gets on a threaded shaft inside the housing.

Threaded shaft rams are cheaper than various other choices. All ram electric motors need mindful alignment during gate installation. Below Ground Entrance Motors, Below ground electric motors are installed inside durable real estates penetrated pits dug under the entrance hinges (Automatic Gate Repair). The only component visible outside the real estate is the arm that is installed to the underside of the electric gate.

Heres the Automatic Gate You've Been Looking For

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110 Stockmans Ln, Belfast BT9 7JE

If You are looking for Automatic Gate in Tandragee then give us a call.

Call Adrian on 07855-781433 for a free quote of just some advice about Automatic Gate
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Underground entrance motors can be pricey as they require ground works, suitable drain and also mindful positioning as the arm pivot has to remain in line with eviction hinge. Expressed Arm Gateway Motors, Articulated arm electric motors use a jointed, two-piece arm usually mounted to the underside of the gate motor.

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